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Lou Reymann, Vietnam Veteran

Tanks are noisy - you hear us coming. We ran into an ambush. All hell was breaking loose - rockets, machine guns, grenades, screaming. All of a sudden, somebody ran into the back of my tank. I was mad - and I'm up top and exposed. I turn around, and there was Sgt. Nicholson's tank hitting the back of my tank and in between were three bad guys who were climbing over the back of my tank to get to me. Nicholson saw it. His tank was pointed one way and mine the other. He told his driver: reverse, full throttle! The driver didn't ask why. He just did it, and he squashed the three guys climbing up to get me. He saved my life.


Residence: Woodstock, Maryland
Service: US Army
Assignment: Tank Company Commander
Served in Vietnam: 1968-1971, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Studies Observation Group