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Tom Bozzuto, Vietnam Veteran

I was honestly - and I can't say what it means - a REMF, and I was in the rear at A Shau Valley most of the time. Something like nine out of 10 people who went to Vietnam were in the rear actually. We were reporters or clerks or chaplains' assistants. Most of us never talk about Vietnam because we're embarrassed in some respects, and our society has always denigrated Vietnam and [said] those of us who went there - whether we were volunteers or not - were baby-killers. We didn't want to talk about it with people who were civilians...I can't generalize too much, I guess, but I think a lot of us were embarrassed with other vets that we really didn't go through the combat and suffer as they did. We just decided to shut up about it.


Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Service: US Army
Assignment: Combat Correspondent
Served in Vietnam: 1969 - 1970
Location: 25th Infantry Division