Project Leaders and Partners


  • Warren A. Green, Chair, MPT Salutes Vietnam Veterans
  • Larry D. Unger, President & CEO, Maryland Public Television
  • Edward H. Kaplan, Chair, Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission
  • Fred Shinbur, Project Coordinator, MPT Salutes Vietnam Veterans
  • Ken Day, Executive Producer, Maryland Vietnam War Stories (documentary)
  • Fran Minakowski, Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Maryland Public Television; Project Communications


  • Maj. Gen. James A. Adkins, USA (Ret.)
  • John B. Bartkowiak, Jr.
  • Judy Berman
  • Anthony Brandon
  • Colleen Brady
  • W. Minor Carter
  • Edward Chow, Jr.
  • George Ciscle
  • Col. James Coleman, USAF (Ret.)
  • Robert Cook
  • H. King Corbett
  • Karin DeFrancis
  • Sam DiPaola
  • Karen Engelke
  • Murray Hall
  • Barak Hermann
  • Maj. Gen. James T. Jackson, USA (Ret.)
  • Dan Joerres
  • Glenn T. Johnston, Ph.D.
  • Harry Kassap
  • Col. Charles S. Kohler
  • Paul Kozlowski
  • Mark Letzer
  • Maj. Latisha Lewis
  • Graham Long
  • Todd Mitchell
  • Alan Mogol
  • Wes Moore
  • Renee Mutchnik
  • David Nevins
  • Dr. Trent & Mrs. Sharon Nichols
  • Brie O’Neal
  • George W. Owings, III
  • Jose M. Ramos
  • George Rich
  • James S. Richardson, Sr.
  • Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
  • Richard Rynd
  • Leonard Sachs
  • Timothy Schweizer, Jr.
  • Thomas Shaner
  • Hana (Bean) Sibel

Volunteer Leaders

The Honor Ride

Military veteran riders from across Maryland and surrounding states travel to LZ Maryland event, entering in formation to salute fallen and missing Maryland veterans.

  • Murray S. Hall, Jr., MPT Task Force, Honor Ride Captain; American Legion Post 259, Clinton, MD; MSgt. U.S. Air Force (retired)
  • Frank E. Jackson, Honor Ride Co-Captain
  • Brie O’Neal, MPT Task Force, Honor Ride Coordinator; American Legion Post 259, Clinton, MD

U.S. Department of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration • Commemorative Partner Program

dod_cpp_logo.jpg Maryland Public Television is proud to be a commemorative partner in the 50th anniversary observance of the U.S. Department of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration. The Commemorative Partner Program is designed for federal, state and local communities, veterans organizations and other nongovernmental organizations to assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam veterans and their families.

Project Partners

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